Saturday, 8 October 2011

2006 - Torchwood Special

After much sloshing about in space/time, the rift has dropped the boys back into 2006 for a special, nay affectionate, retrospective of Torchwood (mainly because we forgot to record it at the time- we were tripping on retcon - mmm, tastes like raspberries...)

Gwen in police uniform, Jack’s arse, Owen’s pouting and Ianto’s coffee are just some of the things we don't talk about in this rambling review of RTD’s 'other' big mid-noughties show.

All is not lost however, as we’re joined by a special, increasingly recurring, guest presenter who does their best (but fails) to rein in the anarchy that is That 1963 Show – the podcast that’s a fixed point in time…which might explain why we don't have a regular release schedule…

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